EA Sports worried fans by announcing a demo of FIFA 21 - many think that the game will be exactly the same as FIFA 20.

The publisher updated fans on Monday, announcing that there will be no demo this year. He said the focus will be on "delivering the best comprehensive gaming experience to current and next-gen consoles.

However, the news was not well received and many have wondered why there will not be a demonstration.

Many have speculated that the coronavirus pandemic has hampered development of the game, which will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, as well as current-generation consoles.

However, some believe that playing the game before releasing it cannot be improved as there are few improvements over last year's iteration.

Fans only got a chance to play the game if they were invited to a closed beta in August.

Fans have even taken to YouTube to express their frustrations about the future of the franchise.

EA Gamechangers made videos of the news and the comment section was quick to question the decision.

One user wrote: "Pretty naughty on behalf of EA because now people can't test the game's (new) features to see if it's worth buying (THE WHOLE POINT OF A DEMO BTW!) And the only way to try the game is to buy it. He gets greedy every year. "

A second added: "People are honestly stupid if they eat this. There is no demo because the game is not finished. Like it was not finished last year, but they still have a lot of published problems. EA never does anything for it." The benefit for the players is that the servers have been bad for years. "

While a third said, "EA was lazy with Madden. They will also be lazy with FIFA. 2K and EA already released a buggy sports game this year. This is not all pandemic related. Some yes, all not. ""

Despite concerns about FIFA 21 ahead of its scheduled release date of October 9, it appears that career mode has had a makeover and the game is said to be "much more responsive" this year.

Do you agree that EA Sports will not release a demo for FIFA 21?

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