Perhaps in the minds of many people, inside light gauge steel house is flashy, not safe, not strong enough, not as long as brick-concrete structure, and its cost is very expensive, but it is a luxury product among developed countries in Europe and the United States. In fact, it is not suitable for China! So are these rumors true or not? Today, I'd like to talk to you about specific information about light steel frame to eliminate these misunderstandings!

First of all, light steel frame is indeed very popular in the United States, Germany and other developed countries. This new type of material with fast construction speed, low carbon, environmental protection and no pollution, which can be recycled, is very popular. It is a veritable green residence. At the same time, the villa has rich and varied appearance, good heat insulation and moisture resistance, and is deeply trusted by foreign people.

Its overall weight is light, the connection is firm, and the theory and practice have proved that it can resist the earthquake of magnitude 9. The service life can reach 50-70 years, and it is not difficult to use galvanized light steel joists for hundreds of years! Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete frame house, it is better than others. Seeing is believing. Let's look at what has happened to light steel frame that has experienced years.

The following light steel houses were built in California around 1900 and have been in existence for more than 100 years. Many people doubt the service life of light steel frame. History tells us that the quality of leverage's buildings can be preserved for that long if they are not strong.

Light gauge steel has never been the flower of greenhouse inside. Practice has proved and time has also proved that light gauge steel housing has been very popular in the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries, but it is still a new type of thing in our country, so people do not know it very well and have a lot of misunderstandings. However, through practice, we can know that light gauge steel housing is very strong and affordable for ordinary people and is a trustworthy choice.

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