Completing the OSRS RFD to release General Goblin is the next part of a series of micro-tasks that we must complete. The OSRS RFD of "Free the General Goblin" has no skill requirements, which is one of the shortest missions in the series. The only requirement is to complete goblin diplomacy, and the only way is to give them food for both.

To start the OSRS RFD's mission to release the goblin generals, go to the Lumbridge Castle restaurant and check one of the generals. Gypsies are not sure what to do, because goblins often change leaders. This is why he tells you to go to Goblin Village and ask some other goblins about their leader. OSRS GP is very important at all times.

Go to the Goblin Village, enter the building on the south side of the general, and climb down the ladder. There, you will find the Goblin Chef, talk to him, and he will say to give him some charcoal to complete the cooking recipe that he ignored the two dwarves talking about.

Give him charcoal, and he will add it to his cauldron, which will explode in a funny cutscene. Talk to Mudknuckles again, ask him to help you, he will say that his food is in trouble because the two generals are arguing. To cook for the generals, what he needs is not oranges, not plain got, nor crunchy bread.

After putting all the items in inventory, cut them into orange with a knife, and then paint them with dye. Use a bucket of water to make the bread not crispy. Then use the spice on the fishing bait and give everything to Mudknuckles. If you encounter insurmountable difficulties in the game, you can Buy OSRS GP from RSgoldBuy for help.

The muddy joints will bring you compromises, and you must use these compromises on the fairy general. Return to the Lumbridge Castle restaurant and compromise with one of the two fairy generals. Congratulations, you have completed the OSRS RFD mission to release the general goblin.