Just a few days ago, the POE game team added a 13.3GB patch to PS4’s Path of Exile. Many players download it immediately after receiving the patch and look forward to what they can play. Obviously this patch will bring them into the world of POE Heist. Some smart players have begun to reserve POE Currency to meet the challenges they will face.

After they entered the game, they found that Heist had introduced a cool new mechanism. They can go to Rogue Harbor to start the game by forming a powerful team of thieves. Before the start of the robbery, players not only have to choose reliable thieves with unique skills according to their needs and financial strength, but also need to develop a detailed action plan to ensure that the robbery is foolproof. Once successful, players can get precious treasures and some other powerful loot.

Grand Heists is a bigger challenge for players than ordinary robberies. But greater challenges mean that players have the opportunity to get better returns. It is another content that GGG is committed to updating for POE, and it is only three months away. These updates introduce new mechanics, add new items, and can change the way you play with a new character. Robbery is very special, because players may reach a place where they only play new heist content and ignore the rest of the game.

The POE game team has always respected players’ choice of gameplay. For players, it is most comfortable to play the game with their favorite gameplay. By the way, players can Buy POE Currency and POE Items and then buy some items conducive to the smooth completion of the robbery before starting the action.