First of all, combat is horrific. This teaches children they can kill random people and will probably be rewarded for their murder, instead of OSRS gold punished. This also encourages the murder of animals like cows and chickens. Dairy farmers must be scared. The list of attackable creatures is too long, but that I also have to mention unicorns. Yes, unicorns! Unicorns are magical and they're meant to be our friends, I hold Jagex accountable for their extinction.

Rather than encouraging violence, everyone on RuneScape ought to be friends. The assault emote should be changed to a hug emote, along with the HP bar should be a romance meter. We should hug creatures until we fulfill out the love meter, and they could reward us. This is a safe alternative to violence. The buddies list encourages kids that it is okay to talk to strangers. Anyone could have around 200 potentially dangerous strangers inserted at one time. GROUPS ARE EVIL. These objects are very necessary to promote creativity and crafts in children. I think that Jagex must also create a website for scrapbooking.

Although, toy troops promote violence and war, and hot air balloons may catch fire, which induces mass destruction and may create pyromaniacs and arsonists later on. This will make children happier and safer, and there'll be more oxygen from the atmosphere, so people are also healthier. There is improper food and drink on RS. There is meat, yet some people are vegetarians. There is cheese and milk, but some people are lactose intolerant. There is also alcoholalcohol is evil.

I think that rather than getting"barrows armor" (All those pointy spikes could hurt someone ) They should replace it with"Smiley fun fun armor" (Pillows duck-taped to individuals ) Tormented Demons needs to be altered to Smiley Demons, as tormented is a harsh word and not suitable for children. They ought to censor the word absurd and instead of pvp world we can have a PHP world (player hugs player).

I was thinking of performing monkey madness sometime shortly. I heard 50 range is sufficient to select the jungle demon down if you guards weaken him up. Do any of you think I would have trouble doing monkey madness? I got 42 def. 52 range. I was thinking if I did do it. I bring full blue d'hide. Magicshort bow and cheap RS gold like 100 rune arrows just take down quickly. But I need do tree gnome village quest. Also I do not have 43 prayer.