Knitted working gloves can be used alone or as a lining under another pair of gloves to increase comfort or protection.

The heating fabric of knitted working gloves is composed of continuous yarn loops. As each row advances, new yarn loops will pass through existing loops. The active stitch remains on the needle until another loop can be passed through. This process will eventually form a complete, seamless glove, which is more fit and comfortable than gloves made by other methods.

Other selection considerations:

①Color: Darker colors can effectively hide dirt and grime, and may extend the use of knitted work gloves by reducing disposal.

②Reversible: Due to its seamless design and structure, knitted work gloves are reversible, so they can be worn on both hands. This function can expand the scope of use and simplify allocation and classification.

③Cuff type: Most knitted working gloves have knitted wrists, although some also have safety cuffs. The braided wristband helps to hold the glove firmly on the hand, thereby improving flexibility and comfort; the safety cuff provides extra protection for the wrist.

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