During the opening of the free NBA 2K21 locker code for players, players can see Kevin Durant with 92 points from the Brooklyn Nets as the leader. As a superstar in the NBA, he’s now a little striker who has the height of a center, the ball handling skills of a point guard, and the accuracy of shot that other little strikers don’t. It means that it has almost no flaws. When players can spend a certain amount of NBA 2K21 MT to get him, scoring becomes a very simple proposition.

Besides Durant, there is also a player card of John Stockton, the best assists king in NBA history, for players to choose. With a total score of 93, it always finds the best passing opportunity to help teammates finish scoring. If the opponent ignores his offense and only defends the other four players on the field, it would be a big mistake. Although its organizational ability is very strong, many players ignore its offensive ability, but he can also complete some difficult points.

They can purchase these packages in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam store. The current price is 7,500 virtual currency or 10,500 MT for a set of 5 pieces. There are also 10 boxes for 67,500 VC or 20 boxes for 135,000 VC. Don’t rule out the possibility of just heading to the 2K21 auction list to find the specific card you want to use for MyTeam. Brandon Roy priced from 65,000 to 82,000 2K21 MT. KD and Stockton cards are getting fewer and fewer, probably because there are better choices.

If players want to add these new players to their lineup, they should go to GameMS to Buy 2K MT and then come back to buy these players. The NBA 2K21 game is getting more and more intense. Players should work hard to prevent falling behind.