It's more so the risk that we're playing for nothing right now. This might not only be a reboot of equipment, but a lot of what we got. There's also the possibility PSO2 may continue being the major game. All in all, I hope we get more details sooner rather than later. I'll agree PSO2 Meseta is a mess concerning economy. But I'd put a good deal of blame on the fact nothing is very valuable (besides older scratch items) and the large meseta gains. An excessive amount of meseta is pumped into the match and not enough is removed. The reality is certain players are always likely to maintain the wealth in games such as these. While most players are running assignment, these gamers are working the market. Their behaviour will not change with a new game. Whether players missed the launching will not alter that. There's nothing that was offered at launch that will affect new players as the game continually devalues old loot with fresh content.

It is dependent upon how many courses, how much content, and exactly what the level cap will be in NGS. PSO2 might be exactly the remedy to the lack of classes or endgame content until sufficient gets made. We really do not know until we get more information. I'm imagining is that they will eventually phase first PSO2 gradually or NGS will get far more updates than OG PSO2. The gears will be tweaked and look possibly altered though can you really bring it along? Lets be real, it is very likely to be a WoW new expansion scenario where I expect to swap it all out after completing a couple expeditions.

Totally agree. I was very excited for PSO2 and am certainly excited for New Genesis. However they might have handled this better. I have the specific same sense as you do, and I'm sure many others do also. Our time/money feels essentially wasted on PSO2 - that I wish they just released New Genesis internationally and retained original PSO2 at Japan, or brought it over at precisely the exact same time as New Genesis (since the matches are packaged together anyway). Granted, we aren't getting New Genesis for another year or so, so there is lots of time to enjoy classic PSO2. Unless our trend cosmetics carry over naturally;-RRB- Fashion is end game anyway, maybe not levels/equipment lol But until it is flat out supported, I'm assuming all the fashion accessories and items will not be transferable, even with classic Buy PSO2 Meseta getting the graphic up elevator to match NGS