My girlfriend is Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket trying to get into Optometry school, and she wanted to manifest her dream through Animal Crossing, this is the fruits of her labor!

Hi OP! Optom student here. Can she design my own future testing room please? Additionally, main stage I was meant to make really, on a path such as this being passionate is everything and she's already nailing that bit. Bless her! Best of luck to her

Tell her to never quit and keep at it and she will realize her dream! Also, I adore this chamber idea, it looks great!

I love this so much!! I am now an optometry student in Canada so if she has any questions, feel free to message me

I'm a 4th year pick pupil, and if my part 1 plank exam got cancelled and that I could not be in practice anymore I funneled countless hours into this match:p You can check out my Optometry

Looks great!!! I've used the microscope as a slit lamp in my small in game office hehe inform her that she could do it!!! Application season and getting in is the hardest part!

Aww the cutest optometrist! Lol I hope your girlfriend gets right into college!

Wow omg I was going to do the same thing on my island but I certainly would've been able to do it like this!! I'm also hoping to get into optometry school, I wish her the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items very best of luck!!