The latest patch of NBA 2K21 is mainly a collection of fixes and optimizations, but many updates are related to the new controls of the game (and player feedback on this), so version 1.03 is an important update. So far, it is available on all platforms. No matter which platform you are a player, you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS at the lowest price.

The patch notes say that for beginners, "based on community feedback", the size of the meter has increased. This should be helpful for those who find the perfect launch timing is much more difficult for NBA 2K21, or for those trying to adapt to the new Shot Stick Aiming option.

Two days after the release of NBA 2K21 on September 4, 2020, three lower difficulty levels of shooting were fixed, although players in the game forum, subreddit and other places are still confused about this. Shot Stick Aiming director Mike Wang last month improved the controls introduced in NBA 2K17, introducing left-right accuracy to timing games. We think it is not helpful for our review, but experienced players may disagree. Both timing and aiming can be turned on or off in the controls.

With this in mind, the push-up jumper has been destroyed. Obviously, this is an easy-to-shoot area, but it also attracts feedback from the community. Players will not take "certain dribbling moves" soon, but they will find more moves are "submissive ankle wrestlers and defensive reactions." When answering fans on social media, Wang said that Ankle Wrestler was developed in version 1.02 and should be completely fixed with this patch. The action after jumping out will also be more sensitive. In terms of experience, I quickly gave up the game of my small forward and hit a nearly impossible ball on the stick of my right thumb.

In the end, "Park Dribble Moves" has not yet been excluded from the game-Wang considered this option two weeks ago. But they can now be activated by left-clicking/switching, "for more consistent dribbling control." Previously, they were activated by right-clicking and holding, which resulted in typing errors or inability to activate them.

Although patch 2 does not implement all new features or new content, it is enough to make NBA 2K21 players pay full attention. As NBA 2K21 players, you can directly click to buy 2K MT to get more advanced players.