Have you ever been at a haphazard event, gotten some kind of gem and said,"Whatever... I shall only put it in my bank and wait patiently until I need it"? Well today is the time you want it as in crafting you can turn gold and stone into pieces of jewelry. To make the easiest piece of jewelry which contains a gem you'll need a crafting lvl of 22. So basically to make jewelry with OSRS gold gems you want a gold pub (produced by smelting gold ore), a mold (purchased from crafting store ), and a gem. That means you would"utilize" the gold bar on the furnace and select which type of jewelry you want to create. It is as simple as that!

So in my opinion crafting is a wonderful skill which if done correctly will earn you a lot of money. Mining is possibly the most popular ability in all of Runescape. Why? Because mining is a superb way to make money and the best thing is that you don't need to become a high lvl in the ability. The cash starts racking in at lvl 15!!! The major money makers of mining would be rune/pure essence, iron ore, coal, mithril, adamantite (if you can mine it), and rune (If you can mine it and locate it). Here are a few mining places:

Notice: When I say the Dwarven mines I shall define if I contain the mining guild. To mine rune/pure character you must have finished the Rune Mysteries quest. Dwarven mines (located near Falador) have a lot of iron stones. The mine north of Al-Kharid can be extremely great for iron ore. There are a number of areas to mine . You can go north-west of Edgeville into a coal mine which has 34 rocks (Downside is that it is in the jungle ). South-west of Lumbridge is also a excellent place to mine coal. But the most popular place to mine coal is the Dwarven mine (including the mining guild).

Places where Cheap RS gold you can mine mithril comprise south-west of this lava maze, north of Al-Kharid, south Crandor island, south-west of Lumbridge, not to mention the Dwarven mines (like the mining guild). There are just 2 runite stones in the entire non-member world! They are located north of the Lava-Maze. Mining is a superb skill that will get you money very fast! I would suggest it to everyone!