Awhile ago a ribbon was made, it was titled something like:"Ability capes, are they destroying Runescape?" Inside, members debated weather skill capes are commonly becoming a cause of fights and disputes in OSRS gold over that"if somebody has a 99 and you do not, you are instantly a noob/suck at rs/at life ".

Anyhow getting kind of the point. I had a debate with this turd of a level 77 now who had an untrimmed firemaking cape. Apparently he'd made all of the money he had (only approximately 5 mil) to get 99 firemaking after spending a half weeks straight burning logs for 99 firemaking that the turd was rewarded with his untrimmed cape. He wanted to go for 99 Fletching, the 2nd most pathetic excuse for a simple 99.

I was wcing yews as I always do when I am bored and I had been surfing the forums here. I was talking to my mate about how I think FOR ME that the rune hatchet is faster than the dragon hatchet. She agreed to some extent and this clown thought he could interject and call me an idiot for saying so. When I've wasted countless moar hours than him testing and timing a dragon hatchet above a rune hatchet when cutting yews. I have come to the stage that they are either exactly the same or that rune is marginally faster in my opinion, not to mention 2 mil cheaper.

He whined for ages telling me that his waste of 2 mil (not that it's considerably ) was a better cutter than mine. So I simply said"lol ok budd you keep believing that". My friend and I kept cutting yews and he then popped the stupid statement of. "You are an idiot lol you do not even have some 99's ahhaahahah"

Which for the billionth time I needed to own this gloomy nub and inform him that his AWSUM achievement of 99 firemaking is really totally fail, a waste of time and that he's really only a noob. An untrimmed 99 fm cape is undeniably the most pathetic excuse to use in an argument of"I'm better then you" in runescape. 99 firemaking while it being your sole 99 is dumb and pointless. Everyone understands at 92 you can find the Adze. Sure following 92, 99 is not that far away (sorta) so why not do it. But most of my mates who've gotten it takes weeks to perform, it's boring as hell and the only great thing is it is relatively cheap if you do willows or maples. So anyhow I had a fantastic time verbally assaulting this guy and beating his dreams. But frankly, are not you people sick of visiting 99 fm'ers walk around in untrimmed capes from the THOUSANDS!I Enjoy this as it gives new RuneScape players a reason

I am sure people have realized that by now, but the candy cane from the Christmas event has reasonable offensive and defensive stats. Clearly it can not haven huge data given its own requirements, but it currently ranks up there in a few aspects for free play items. Obviously not the best, but the potency bonus rankings over that of those iron scimitar, making a viable 1 strike weapon for cheap RS gold players that are free. This also makes it the 2nd greatest holiday weapon behind the scythe.