A lot of information about Sega's next-generation Phantasy Star Online was fully revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, and New Genesis is also working hard as a major upgrade of this game. Many details have been revealed to people over time, and information about battles and the world should be particularly clear.

Sega's Hiro Arai live broadcast showed the game screen and talked about new things that were happening. The live broadcast lasted an hour. The graphics upgrade is a major feature, the current game and the NG release update are not mentioned too much, it looks great.

The area with the loading screen will no longer appear on the map. NG will have a completely open world from the base to the wild. The TGS movie shows us a beautiful new world, which is also a major upgrade of the game. In the game, we can see a valley with dense grass leaves, one side of the valley is a dense forest, and there are looming mountains in the distance. Players can travel the world in the game, and you can reach any place you want to Buy PSO2 Meseta go. Now this area should be on the planet Nabellus, which has very beautiful scenery.

From a technical perspective, each area is divided without any load. This has not been directly confirmed, but single-party areas will not appear in such an open world. There are many areas in the film, where there are many participants. The upper limit of multi-party seats has been greatly reduced, but it also depends on the region you see.

Although the dynamic influence is great, the weather is not affected. Its dynamic changes will affect the PSO2 Meseta battlefield. Time will change accordingly. The fireflies in the woods at night are beautiful things in front of the camera.Recently, a very game-like role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2 was launched, and its game details have been well received. PSO2 Meseta is something that players can get by completing tasks in the game. Don't worry, you can also buy PSO2 Meseta on the IGGM website.