The history of the development of integrated houses in my country.

1965-1990: The prototype of integrated houses began to appear, and the leading product was single-story wooden mobile houses. Affiliated products include concrete box houses, metal box houses, magnesite mobile houses, canvas tents, etc.

According to its application field and product characteristics, integrated houses can be divided into mobile houses and integrated houses.

Mobile houses can also be divided into disassembly houses and mobile houses. The demountable houses are represented by 9910-A4 houses and K-type houses of Beijing Chengdong International Camp Integrated House Co., Ltd., and their standardization degree is quite high. 90% of the house manufacturing work has been completed in the factory, the on-site installation process is also very simple, and the house installation does not require power supply. Mobile houses can be divided into assembled mobile houses and integral mobile houses according to their transportation methods.

Mobile houses generally adopt a box-type structure system. The overall strength of the house is very good, the mobile performance is outstanding, and the supporting facilities are detailed. Generally, it can be put into use when it reaches the site. At present, it is mainly used in oil exploration and other sites where houses are moved frequently or in use environments with harsher use conditions. Its applications are currently increasing rapidly in construction sites in first-tier cities.

Integrated houses are mostly used for temporary constructions with high comfort requirements or to meet the needs of permanent use. Its design is more flexible, pays attention to the comfort of use, and is generally tailored to customer requirements, so the degree of standardization is low. Because of its personalized appearance, comfort, rapid construction and other characteristics, it has been widely used in the tourism and vacation field, and its development in this field is also relatively fast. Integrated housing has been applied in the field of new rural construction in recent years, and the future application prospects are promising.

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