Donohue believes the NBA 2K League's explosive growth in partnerships is due to the combination of a variety of companies that see esports as an emerging market and an exponential increase in fan engagement. "I believe that it was always happening, and the increase in fan engagement simply puts fuel on the fire. I believe it was because of all the brands we spoke to about partnerships. They've all realized they need to be engaged in esports and are just trying to figure out how they can accomplish it." However, companies need to be aware of the dangers when entering a completely new market like Esports. The idea was first referred to by Andre Iguodala, a former Golden State Warrior who is now a well-known tech entrepreneur, and a former Golden State Warrior. For the NBA it was a risk worth taking. "It's within the very DNA of the NBA's brand as well as 2K's brand to be innovative" Donohue explains, adding that the NBA owners "realise that the future is bright and is going to continue to expand. And so I think there was more risk in not doing it, then actually doing it." The fears that esports could be marginal ideas that only attract gamers who are hardcore, but with no commercial appeal beyond that have been proven untrue. Forbes stated last year that the esports industry worldwide was predicted to reach $1.1bn in the year 2019. If you want to know more,you can visite
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