Members: 1-50: Yes 1-50. The best money making for the first 50 levels are acheys. They sell for 200 coins per. Chop close to castle wars. you need 4054 chops till level 50. 50-58: chop maghony logs. They are available at a cost of 350 cents each. 58-60: Chop Eculyptis woods. They are sold for 400 dollars each. Cut near to moblizing armies. 55-55 combat is recommended. The more effective the fight, 60-90: Of course, chop yews for the 30 levels. Get a dragon as soon as you are able to afford it. Take down the tree gnome stronghold. Magics that work between 90 and 99 aren't effective unless you have 90 woodcutting or better and an axe for dragons. However they are available at a price of 1200-1550 coins per piece. Find a place to train your mage or strongholds for trees gnomes. Let me know your thoughts, guys. Do you feel that the various guilds are that useful? I recall wanting to be chef since when I was a child. After I joined I was dissatisfied that the guild did not provide any help with my cooking abilities. If you want to know more about OSRS,you can visit
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