Nintendo has incredible IP they appear to largely ignore. 2 + years of dev on BotW2 and not even an upgrade to the trailer they provided? Guess we dropped that trendy franchise. More obscure/clone fighters inserted to Smash ultimate, just diluting the game IMO (I know fans of the Xeno game will probably be glad ). And a swath of additional little quirky games that simply sense underwhelming or too weird for most people to take care of.Some thing is a repost and if it's it eliminates it, so perhaps that could help. Rule 1 is a small bit broad. "Being a jerk" is somewhat broad, maybe like fully define what it means. Along with the"keep it safe for work" part. It is not like lots of NSFW articles are here to start with, but I have noticed out of a mod of this sub's profile they have commented on just two NSFW posts (That have never been removed) whereas when the rule was completely enforced they should have been removed. A little more authorities on that would be nice. Anyways, that is all of the comments from me. Ugh I wanted to moderate the sub par but I Want to have a Google accounts and a Discord? Stupid. A Reddit account ought to be the one thing necessary, I should not have to experience the exact same level of measures as it would be to substitute an ID. If you want to know more about AC, you can visit
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