They are then allowed to put off to anywhere in runescape to prod players, hopefully getting themselves a macro (if you do not know what a macro is, it is an illegal bot enjoying the game for Oriental slaves to acquire money because of their dieing families). Players can be prod by 1 person in the group each game, so ordinary players have about a one to a million chance of being targeted by people playing the game (individuals playing the sport to annoy get limitations - see below). When a player prods a different player with the prod rod, that player receives a random letter mystery with shifting shapes and various sizes that they can form through in approximately 20 seconds if their fast. When they don't respond within 1 minute, and finish the puzzle (if they log out, if they log back in they will receive another mystery ) then they are then shocked and automatically are delivered into a giant cave where they must complete a series of random tasks which no macro or stupid player could do. If you do finish the random puzzle (which is similar to some of the other random-event puzzles you may get, just they don't offer you suicidal ideas ) then you are given immunity to this group of gamers and for the next half hour. Considering randoms happen fairly slowly already, this can add some fun to the game (you cannot be attacked or disrupted by anything - except you real life siblings - while doing the player-caused puzzle). If you want to know more about RS, you can visit
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