You can use the new potions on most of claws, spears or throwing axes. Disease is marked by (D) after the weapon title. Super disease is indicated by (D+) after the weapon title. Effects. If you strike with a weapon with disease on, the oppenent will suffer with illness and start losing 5 from each random stat. If you strike a weapon with superb disorder on, the oppnent will suffer with isease and get started losing 10 from every random statt. Reclyms balm can be used to heal you. It will only use 1 dose to fully cure. Why disease? Its under used, a cool idea and I enjoy the sound of plague weapons. Why did you opt for those weapons? Spears, claws and throwing axes and also my favirote firearms, but I do not use them. They're not use a good deal because they're ill effective in comparison to other weapons like daggers, halbeards and knives. How many doses will participant disorder take to heal? Only 1 dose to fully heal yourself. Is not this overpowered? No, it's all random stats apart from the hitpoints. So you could shed 10 runcrafting, but that won't alter how you struggle, against npcs it would just dimish there str, assault adn defence. Feel free to post commens and critise my job. If you want to know more about RS, you can visit
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