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MUT COINS GUIDE: HOW TO EARN MORE COINS AND UPGRADE ULTIMATE TEAM Madden 21 has been out for about half a year. The Ultimate Team season is going well. The problem is-the players who have been playing since the beginning are already crowded, and the new players hardly have any top players who can play with them. The quality gap is real, but fortunately, there are some measures you can take! It's all about Madden 21 coins, boys and girls; how you earn them, how to invest them and how to use them. In the Madden game, getting more Madden 21 coins is the most important. If you belong to the second group (newcomer), you may not know the difference between Madden 21 coins and points. In this case, you need to understand the following. Were you looking for single-player skills? Check out our Madden 21 career mode guide! MADDEN COINS VS POINTS Madden coin is the main game currency. You can get it in many ways: through competitions, completing goals, rankings, etc. FIFA coins are the currency used in the transfer market, which means you can use them to buy players...and sell them to get more. On the other hand, Points is Madden's secondary currency. That's not the all-the only thing you can buy with Madden Points is the gift pack! Copper bags, wallets, golf bags, and promotions! That's it! Others say it's worth it. Related: How to build a good ultimate team in Madden. WHY ARE MADDEN COINS SO IMPORTANT? The entire ultimate team model is designed around this currency. You use it to buy everything, from contracts, jerseys, badges, all the way to managers, players, and backpacks. This is the essential aspect of the game... tied with your 11 starting players. Buy new players There is no doubt that you need a lot of coins to buy the best Madden 21 player. You have to do a lot of training, solve a lot of SBC, or hope that you can pull some annoying things through weekly rewards. Play online draft The online draft is interesting. They are also a great way to get a good package... Let's say you can win four games in a row. However, the admission fee is set at 15,000, so you will need a considerable amount of admission during your Madden 21 Ultimate Team career. Fortunately, the rewards are tradable, and winning at least three games will bring you back to level conditions. Buy gift packs Last but not least, you can use Madden coins to buy gift packs... although we do not recommend this. Of course, it's okay to test your luck once in a while, but spending all the coins hoping to break even won't make you go further. We have already covered this topic in more detail at the end of this article. Be sure to take a look! HOW TO EARN MORE MADDEN 21 COINS? Here's how to earn more Madden coins each season: Participate in the weekend league The following is a well-known fact-the best rewards in Madden 21 belong to the weekend league. You will also get player choices and a lot of coins...Of course, it depends on your ranking. Even if you can't reach the elite or get a higher gold ranking, you will still get many rewards next week. Play squad battle I know, I know... Squad battles are tedious AF! Don't get me wrong, I can endure two or three games a week, but I don't have the appetite to pursue better rewards. However, if you don't find Squad Battles boring, you might as well give it a try. They have huge dividends and can be a great way to increase your coin purse and the depth of your team. Buy low and sell high. Sniping is king! Ezmut has an excellent database that shows that prices have also fallen and increased over time. Use this information to snipe players at a low price. Do some filtering magic, find outstanding value in the transfer market, and then flip it to get instant profits. Trade package If you have many untradeable players in your club, putting them in the team-building challenge is a great way to organize. The SBC (Squad Building Challenge) in Madden 21 provides a lot of excellent rewards. We are not just talking about packages but also top players. However, since we are all making more Madden 21 coins here, the SBCs you should be interested in are those with tradable packaging. This year, the list boils down to significant duels and timed events SBC-they are the only category that still offers tradable rewards.
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