We are unsatisfied men and women;
Still now sozzled by poetic wine.
Versified with God’s word;
Investigated by satan’s deed;
Protected by heavenly sword.
We are flows of inheritance;
And an outcome of love and averse.
A result of inception of art;
A revolution by paradigm shift.

We are transitions!... from past to next generations!
Victorious on human abominations.
With full spirits of love and nature;
With a vision to see afar;
from Wisdom of our father.

We are passengers!
On a vast road to win;
Which has many destinations?
To reach at the heavenly place;
In God’s grace!

We are flowers to bloom;
With thorns and charm.
With moral to touch due;
From God’s Virtue.
With enthusiasm from his reward;

We have a journey on that vast road.
But we can fail, cause of alternations;
While we reach around the alley destinations.
The gate of the one way whispers to give;
By changing the stone to bread while we strive.
The entrance of the other way shadows on the gloomed light;
Unless otherwise we eat from it.
It tells to us as we can not pass as owl;
As it dies from the sky, and fail.
The other end terrifies us by his sword;
In its laager as death prowled.
But we ought to hero and brave;
To be safe and to survive.
From the wrong passage of our life;
Albeit we are in hunger, thirst, and not safe;
All alternatives cannot lead to destination;
But knowledge is a weapon.
Trust is a key;
In the home of Almighty.
To confront with barriers;
To fight with satan’s warriors.
To have victory on human abomination;
We shall think before we get in;
In to our destination!
There are fountain of love and admire;
Winners will live together.
There is no discrimination;
To flowers of God’s children;
Black, white, Latin, North American;
Red Indians, White, African.
In the hidden heavenly palace of Almighty;
All are beautiful, no one is there ugly.
From our trust and knowledge;
We have to find the alley passage.
We may believe in science;
Or we may say that there is no hidden place.
From knowledge of Paleontologists;
From philosophers, archaeologists.
We may reject the veracity of Eva and Adam;
To say whether Australopithecus or Lucy is our mom.
Instead of Eva, the first woman;
We may be in dilemma by saying who win?
By counting millions of years behind us;
By hypothesizing dinosaurs;
Apes and Monkeys in our history uproar.
Defending the Alchemies of person;
Before the biological evolution;
By saying there had had millions of years of chemical evolution.
Before this universe, the moon, the sun, the earth;
There was the power breath.

We are just humans of a result of God’s art;
To see in his light; with perceptions to judge realities and abstract;
In his spirit to delight.
And finally to rest;
While it comes, the Mort.

Yeah, we are swimmer in our thought hadal;
Some time we ride on our phantasm saddle;
Then we have zany paean;
Why we fly on our fictions air plane.
While we transport on our imagination yacht;
With our characters to delight.
On the pellucid sky;
We see the star some times the galaxy.
while Storms of dark clouds hide the crest;
Thunder sparks on the earth;
Our imagination will go beneath.
Our lung punts the breath.
Our ego enters in to conflict;
Our pen nib starts to flight;
To pacify our heart bit.

Yeah, we passengers!
On the imagined place runners.
On the phantasm of our dream players.
On paper field of our creatures investigators;
Via pen nib beautiful history writers;
From nostalgia tellers;
From our knowledge teachers;
From other writings learners.
We are beautifully shaped persons!
From our senses and spirits of love;
We are owner of our imagined alcove.
In fictions history pages building;
We have home for sleeping;
We have families from starting;
We are alive while reading;
And we are memory at the end.
They will breath in our manuscripts;
They may grow if they have fates.
While others visit them;
They will start to bloom.
Then we reminisce all;
Within us they won’t fail.

Who are we now?
We see and sow
We reap from our seeds;
Whether they are hated or beloved;
Once they are created.
We are always slaked for them;
For love and wisdom.
Who are we now? Let’s say together,
We are poets and writers!!

Yeah, we are bards;
Like dove like birds.
To build our world;
We float on our mood.
To find meaning from our ego;
To reminisce from years ago.
As birds used to build their nests;
Our mind makes many flights.
As they tighten their wall;
We tights stanzas and strophes well;
As they snog with their couples.
We delight with smooching rhymes;
Then we complete versified poems.
We are lorn bards, and writers;
To love nature and to teach others;
Who are we? Let’s say it together;
We are poets and writers!!

( Alemseged Sisay Woldemariam’s Poetry)
Written 22/09/2019 G.C , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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