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Walking along a high cliff wall on a glass-floored sightseeing walkway in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

    Off the coast of Yemen, in the Arabian Sea, lies isolated Socotra Island, where hundreds of plants and animals have developed into species unique to the island. Socotra is the largest island in an archipelago that includes three other islands. The Socotra Archipelago has been isolated from any large landmass for millions of years, and is now home to a surprising display of biodiversity. Probably the best-known of its endemic flora is the dragon blood tree, with red-colored sap and tightly-clustered branches that look like roots turned upside down. Below, a collection of images of the landscape of Socotra, and the plants and animals that call it home.

      Members of the Honourable Artillery Company fire a 62-gun salute from the Tower of London to welcome the birth of the third child of Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, in London, England

        The love of the sport - playing soccer on frozen ocean ice. Arctic sea around Greenland,

          Visitors ride a boat in the Chidorigafuchi moat, as they enjoy fully bloomed cherry blossoms, during a spring day in Tokyo, Japan

            Mama bear playing with her cute cups

            Brown Bear mother and cubs - Finland

              Mom Bear with her two cups try to cross river but separated by the river current. Cups saved by passing by boater and then rejoined with mom bear. Follow the slide show

                Little Big Shots - The Kiriku Brothers (Episode Highlight)

                  Checkout this beautiful sunset cloud I took this week

                    Danakil Depression: In the Afar region of northern Ethiopia, lies a vast, tortured, desert plain called the Danakil Depression. Danakil lies about 410 ft (125 m) below sea level, and is one of the hottest and most inhospitable places on Earth— temperatures average 94 degrees Fahrenheit (34.5 Celsius) but have been recorded above 122 Fahrenheit (50 Celsius). Numerous sulfur springs, volcanoes, geysers, acidic pools, vast salt pans, and colorful mineral-laden lakes dot the area, which formed above the divergence of three tectonic plates. Volcanic activity heats spring water, bringing sulfur and iron to the surface, leaving behind yellow, green, and orange deposits. For centuries, locals have been trekking in with camel caravans to mine the salt by hand, and in recent years, a few have been guiding tourists into the alien-looking landscape.

                      A convenience store for climbers on a cliff face past a 100-meter-high in Pingjiang in China's central Hunan province

                        Modern farming - A worker drives a vineyard fumigation tractor

                          How often do you hold you friend like this while walking? See how Trump does lol

                            Mount Cereme in Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia

                              Let this be a lesson to you all: Geese may look pretty, but they are FIERCE AND PROTECTIVE when they've got nests.

                              A high school golfer in Michigan apparently found that out the hard way, as these three photos will prove:

                                ‘Spectacular’ Lagoon Nebula Featured for Hubble’s 28th Anniversary

                                  Top 10 Most Beautiful Scenery around the world

                                  Top 10 Most Beautiful Scenery - Top 10 Natural Wonders of the World with various lists

                                    new ethiopian amhara Song New Ethiopian music 2015- Workiye Getachew2
                                    EthioVisit Support

                                      National Geographic | The End of the Earth - Documentary HD 1080p

                                      National Geographic | The End of the Earth - Documentary HD 1080p

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                                          Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL!

                                            Have you tried to use the map option to show where you are? Try it

                                              Check out dramatic view of Niagara Falls from my recent visit

                                                Shoshone Falls Landscape : If your ever in the Snake River Valley traveling by Twin Falls Idaho, you owe it to yourself to stop in and see the "Niagara Of The West".

                                                Shoshone Falls is an amazing place and there you will see the entire Snake River tumbling over the huge cliffs to the massive splash pool below.