To FFXIV players, I'm not trying to hype this up to earn karma from farming. WoW does not permit this. In the 6 years that WoW has been in existence The closest I've had to this was while walking in circles with 20 players riding the same vehicle. Cities are for vendoring, auctioning, and waiting in WoW. It's not like WoW has any conversations, and certainly nobody provides crafting lessons or holds concerts. You'll never get a response when you ask a player to make an appearance for an item. My personal opinion is that MMOs are shaped by their communities. And FFXIV is, from the people I've met and participated in, has lots to live. 43 levels down and still enjoying every moment of ARR. P.S. to any WoW players who might encounter this. They say that ARR is gritty and it's in its own manner. However, if you've mastered one character in classic WoW/TBC, this "grind" is refreshing in comparison. There is no need to pay anything extra for the trial. If you want to know more,you can visite
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