Pontoon is the British version of Blackjack. While the basic objective is the same, to get as close as possible to 21 without busting, there are some important differences between Pontoon and Blackjack. One difference is that a 5-card hand that doesn't bust pays 2-1. Although this doesn't happen often, it does serve to lower the house's advantage. The two more important differences between Blackjack and Pontoon are that in Pontoon the player must hit on 14 or less and ties go to the dealer. There are, also, a few variations of Pontoon. Here we will discuss only the most common aspects of Pontoon. Pontoon is an exciting variation of Blackjack that rewards aggressive players. If the dealer has blackjack: The program, offered through GRCC’s Workforce Training, will train students to become blackjack dealers and prepare them for jobs at the casino that would pay an average of $18-$20 per hour.
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