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The small state, which covers an area of 25,274 square km along the southern Sudanese border, essentially comprises lush, humid lowland draining into the Baro River, an important tributary of the NileRiver. Relatively remote and undeveloped, Gambella region supports a predominantly rural population of roughly 406,000 ethnically varied people. The main nationalities represented in the vicinity of the regional capital, the small river port of Gambella, are the Nuer and Anuwak, who respectively account for 40% and 27% of the regional population. Minority goups include the Mezhenge, Apana, Komo and various recent migrants from the highlands. Although the state is predominantly Christian, more than half the population subscribes to recently introduced protestant and evangelical denominations, with the remainder adhering to Orthodox Christianity, Islam or traditional animism. A fair amount of wildlife - lion, elephant and buffalo as well as various monkeys and antelope - persists in Gambella region.

Gambela Region Major Cities and Population

No. City Name 2007 Population 2013 Population Est.
1 Gambela 39,022 74,102

Regional States and Chartered Cities of Ethiopia

No. Region Capital City Status Area (Sq. Kilometers) Population 2007 Population 2013 Est.
1 Addis Ababa Addis Ababa City 527 2739551 3104000
2 Afar Asayita State 72,053 1390273 1650000
3 Amhara Bahir Dar State 154,709 17221976 19212000
4 Benishangul-Gumuz Asosa State 50,699 784345 1028000
5 Dire Dawa Dire Dawa City 1,559 341834 395000
6 Gambela Gambela State 29,783 307096 406000
7 Harari Harar State 334 183415 215000
8 Oromia Addis Ababa State 284,538 26993933 32220000
9 Somali Jijiga State 279,252 4445219 5318000
10 Tigray Mekele State 84,722 4316988 5062000
11 Southern Nations Nationalities and People (SNNPR) Awasa State 105,476 14929548 17887000

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